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Better designs for everyone

We take pride in every job we design.

Since 1981, Impressive Printing has been creating quality products at unbeatable prices. Our expert designers work hard to create artwork that you’ll LOVE.

Impressive Printing does not cut corners! We provide high quality and long lasting prints that are created with the most up to date printing technology in the industry. We believe that the client's needs should be catered to from the initial consultation, up to the time the customer receives the job.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, authentic, and professional in every job we do!!

  • Highly skilled and reliable Artists.
  • Best turnaround times.
  • High quality printing at affordable rates.
  • Special services for Start ups (Logo, Stationery and Website)
  • Fast Delivery

Our Many Years of Experience

Impressive Printing is the Best Printer in Hamilton

Since 1981, we’ve valued the importance of direct, face-to-face service. By consulting with our prestigious clientele, we can guarantee their satisfaction with our products!


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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keep

Scott Adams

Impressive printing Design print deliver
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Impressive Printing

94 Cannon St. West, Unit 1, Hamilton ON L8R 2B6

Phone : 905 528 7365

Fax : 905 528 1337

Enquiries : orders@impressiveprinting.ca

Impressive printing Design print deliver
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